USB digital microscope with 200x Magnification
Model No. :  UM012
* 2M, up to 5M by interpration.
* Magnifications: 20x - 200x.
* With Measurement function.
* Compatible with Windows and Mac.
* OEM supported.
* 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • The 2M 200x USB Digital Microscope is a high-tech while easy to use Digital Microscope. With this unit you may see a unique & “bigger” world. 
    It is applicable in many fields such as visual inspection on electronic components, and materials in a full range of uses, beauty shop and education.
    Its 2M image sensor presents vivid and sharp amazing image. 8 LEDs with brightness adjustable are good for any inspection enviornment. 
    The measurement software can help you to measure tiny objects easily and precisely (as small as 0.001mm).
    All those excellent features make it a good aid for your daily inspection on tiny objects.

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